On our page you will find a little immersion of the beautiful handcrafts from Mexico where we'll show you the craftsmanship of Mexican artisans who work with silver to create these pieces. Most of our jewelry is silver but sometimes we fall in love with the beauty of a copper piece that makes us want to have it as part of our repertory.


We're so grateful you found us; let us introduce ourselves! We're Brenda and Sandra, co-founders of C&E-From Mexico with Love. Our story begins when we were seventeen years old, we met in Mexico and lost touch until our lives crossed paths fifteen years later in Texas. We started a friendship and a few years later we were in the same intersection in our lives, motherhood. While Brenda was graduating from her PhD in Chemistry and Sandra was succeeding in sales from a recognized communications company we realized we had the same desire to start a company what would be a legacy for our daughters.


With passion and love we started this company to see it grow simultaneously with our daughters Constanza and Emilia. Honoring them we named our Company C&E where we bring you just a few of innumerable amazing and beautiful handcrafts from Mexico; This is just the beginning of our dreams. We hope you can be a part of it and see how we gradually grow to bring you amazing pieces that you can fall in love with just as we do.